• A Calling is the pursuit of a vocation that inspires; it is living a dream; it is the experience of radiant relevance.
  • Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet—thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing—consistently. This builds trust, and followers love leaders they can trust.
  • Becoming one with the needs of others, instead of being separated from them, is the essence of service.
  • But the more I push, the more I invoke Newton’s Third Law of Mechanics: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, the more I push, the more I will be pushed back. On the other hand, the more I am open—that is, loving—the more I will inspire others to the common good, and, using the same Law of Mechanics, the more I will invite reciprocal energy. So, if my Character invokes advantages for the common good—if I am loving and inspiring—I will attract others to join me on the same path. We call this leadership. It is the art of getting things accomplished through others—by loving and inspiring them—in order to make a positive influence on the world.
  • By putting these three steps together—Destiny, Character, and Calling—we bring clarity to who we are. It affirms Why we are here, how we will Be, and what we will Do during our visit to this planet.
  • Dreams are like that—they have the power within them to change the world. And great dreams, carefully executed, are sustainable.
  • Effectiveness is the Sum of Many Small Actions
  • Following our true calling frees up our deepest gifts, thus creating the opportunity for us to serve at our best—and at the highest level.
  • How can we tell that our leadership efforts are relevant to the purpose of our lives—to do good for others—to serve others? Surely the things we do on a day-to-day basis should lead to something meaningful, should serve others more than ourselves, and should come from the most authentic part of our being.
  • How might we touch the world if we became fully conscious leaders, totally awake and aware of our Destiny, Character, and Calling—our North Star, our sacred purpose for being in this Universe at this time with a full awareness that we are all one?
  • If you don’t believe that we should love all others—what exactly do you believe?
  • In many ways, the preoccupation with “personality” is a set of blinders, a distraction, and an illusion that separates us from other people and ourselves—accentuating separateness rather than guiding us intelligently to our goal of oneness. Interacting with people on the basis of mutual energies is much healthier than trying to figure out personality and restricting ourselves to living in the realm of the social self.
  • In order to unlock the potential and power of modern leadership to transform clients, organizations, communities, cities, and countries or the world, we must understand and harness the power of the dream.
  • Inspiration and effectiveness always wax and wane together—both the quality and quantity of output are directly influenced by our level of inspiration at any given time.
  • Inspiring leaders understand service at a visceral level and live their lives in this way because they know that it inspires others because it serves them.
  • Love is to the soul what food is to the body. Love is a noble act that serves others, offering respect, openness, trust, and loyalty. The more we love, the more we lose the ego-part of ourselves, and yet, in doing so, we don't become less in any way, but instead, one with those we love.
  • Motivation is lighting a fire under someone; inspiration is lighting a fire within someone
  • One of the great gifts that come with knowing one's Destiny is the awareness that we are here to serve.
  • Opportunity may only knock once, but passion leans on the doorbell.
  • People stay with companies that serve and inspire them, and they leave companies that don’t—it’s as cut and dried as that.
  • Remember, your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.
  • Staff turnover is one of the most important indicators of how well we are serving employees—even in industries that are notorious for high turnover. People stay with companies that serve and inspire them, and they leave companies that don’t—it’s as cut and dried as that.
  • The prevailing attitude of “old-story” leaders is reactive negativism—it’s easier to say “no” than to do the hard work necessary to make a breakthrough in serving others. That’s why the first CASTLE Principle is Courage—it takes great and consistent courage to dismantle an entrenched system and to reinvent it so that others feel honored and respected, and therefore inspired.
  • The spark arouses the desire to make a difference, to inspire people, adding electricity, brio, and zest—the stuff that fans the flames of passion and exhilaration within others and brings joy to all. When we have the spark, others feel their lives to be larger, they become more fulfilled, and they feel richer for having experienced us in their lives. This is how the world becomes changed.
  • Think of your true calling as inhaling the memory of virtuosity not yet experienced.
  • To be an inspiring leader, we do not need to emphasize the external. Instead, we need to practice the internal. In other words, if we understand ourselves, and if we understand our energy preferences, we will be able to use them to inspire all people—not just some, and not just because we want to manipulate them.
  • To be effective, I must serve—effectiveness without a serving purpose is pointless. Unless you and I and the larger community are being served, service is not effective. Like engines, we deteriorate, or become ineffective, if we are not maintained (or serviced). I will serve others, or my organization, best when I first live in a fully effective way. And I will be most effective when I ensure that all my actions are serving others.
  • Unlearning…is a prerequisite for effectiveness, which leads to growth. We see the world not as it is, but as we would like it to be, and unlearning is like seeing the world with new eyes.
  • We are born truthful. Then we begin a journey where some lose the script.
  • We cannot be inspiring or inspire others if we exclude them, or disconnect from the whole, and we are most inspiring when we incorporate a connection to a higher presence in ourselves, our work, and our aspirations—honoring the sacredness of everyone. We inspire others when we reduce the circle of those we exclude and widen the circle of those we include—until there is only one circle.
  • We experience the world not as it is, but as we are.
  • We need a deeper sense of who we are, and an acceptable balance between our social self and our essential self, following our North Star, to be fully present as conscious beings, before we can presume to lead others.
  • We sacrifice what we are for what we can become—and that takes courage.
  • We should aspire to live the other side of safety—and this side of danger.
  • When we dare, it causes a moment of insecurity, but when we hold back, or try to play it safe, it causes us to waste our potential.
  • When we define our Calling, we are describing how we plan to use our (natural and acquired) gifts and talents to serve. If we first define and then use our gifts and talents to serve others and the world, we will live lives that are inspiring to us and to others, and we will align our lives with our Destiny and our Character.
  • The most effective metric for measuring how well we serve the spirit is the degree to which others find each of us inspiring—as people or organizations.
  • The degree to which each of us is inspiring is determined by the degree to which each of us is inspired ourselves.
  • Inspiring leadership, and being inspired, flows from joy—not success—from the soul more than the personality.
  • What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Live the answer to this question every day.
  • Igniting the spark means healing the past, living the present, and dreaming the future.
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