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The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch:

Inspire Self. Inspire Others. Inspire the World.

  • After absorbing Lance Secretan’s wise advice and learning from his leadership vision through his many writings, speeches and counsel, I tell everyone that this book should come with a warning label on it: “Careful – this book will change your life!” I know it changed mine, propelling me to leave behind an unfulfilling career at a major financial services company and start my own business. This career and lifestyle change has led to a much more exciting lifestyle, more money, more friends, better family life and more of just about everything that matters. I attribute the courage and direction it took to make these changes to Lance’s philosophies and take charge attitude that have made a foundational difference. It can happen for you, too.. Read this book.
    Timothy Welsh
  • Lance Secretan successfully challenges traditional notions of leadership by dealing directly with what really matters - how one finds their own and an organization's calling, how we interact with each other and how these principles create and sustain true success. He is bold enough to challenge leaders to deal with fundamental inner questions and communicate them openly in order to inspire. Lance is able to articulate complex principles in a way that the reader understands intuitively, because you know deep down that he is right. The Spark, the Flame and the Torch works like a great piece of music - the listener's inner ear knows where the melody is flowing, because it is truthful.
    Christopher Todoroff
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
    Humana Inc.
  • Perhaps it is because I know the author personally, but I suspect that it comes through to readers who have never met Lance Secretan: This guy REALLY BELIEVES what he's saying. And he REALLY wants to improve the world he lives in for the rest of humanity with whom he shares the planet. And he REALLY thinks that integrity can be instilled into the entrepreneurial atmosphere so that business people and companies can "DO GOOD" without loss of face or profit.
    Jackson Chercover
  • Every once in a while a very special book comes along that not only has practical application, but also touches your soul in a way that changes your life in meaningful and spiritual ways. This is such a book. It is one of those books that when you highlight the parts that resonate with you, the whole page is yellow.

    Lance Secretan’s, "The Spark, the Flame and the Torch" is a masterful book about inspirational leadership that provides a unique approach to being an inspiring person that leads to becoming an inspiring leader. It takes it a step further by showing you how to be a transformational leader that can use their passion and calling to change the world. This book will challenge you to rethink leadership, lead with inspiration instead of motivation and develop greater meaning and fulfillment. It is a must read for leadership coaches.
    Karen Senteio,
    VERVE, Life Reinvention Services
  • Your wish of helping readers rethink their direction, define their purpose and rekindle their spark was clearly met with me. Fabulous book. My copy is all marked up with sparks! Thank you for all that you do in the world.
    Debra Clary Gmelin,
    Corporate Director The Leadership Institute,
    Humana, Inc.
  • This masterpiece is more than a summation of Secretan's previous works. It integrates and expands upon his theories in a richer and deeper way bringing a meaningful and usable sense of coherence. There are times when I had to put the book down for a time to ponder. Yet it is laced and grounded by new life/workplace stories and so it inspires and prompts action. This book is meant to be read, reflected upon, discussed, absorbed, and then implemented in one’s own way. It subtly captures the spirit of the corporate leader, the family member, and the individual who wants to inspire oneself, others and/or the world. It is a MUST read.
    Marie Knapp, Life Renewal and Reinvention Specialist, DallaCor
  • Lance writes lyrically and with passion, purpose, and precision, using his unique combination of theory and practice to inspire and guide others to greatness.
    From The World Business Academy
  • Secretan’s latest work, The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch is, without question, nothing short of outstanding! Lance continues to bring clarity to issues that are most complex. It is a wonderful introduction to the “Age of Enlightenment”, and simultaneously worthy of graduate level study. Metaphorically, and otherwise, it is his best ever. With love and inspiration, this work will indeed change the world. Every single concept addressed, in our First Command partnership, and in the six other books of his that I have read, is more clearly and inspirationally contained in his latest work. Everything from the CASTLE principals, Destiny, Character, and Calling, the 5Dynamics, Voice, Primary Values, Accelerators, and the Shifts are terrific. I loved the quotations from other inspirational people, and the stories that illuminated the issues.
    Thomas D. Cherrit,
    Vice President, Development & Training West,
    First Command Financial Services, Inc.
  • I have read many "leadership" books and so many of them focus on only a few elements that we need to better understand in being a true leader but The Spark, the Flame and the Torch offers a complete roadmap for each and every one of us to inspire others - in our profession, in our home lives and frankly, in everything we do. This book will inspire you to search deep within your value system, your purpose and your approach to relationships and if you embrace the journey Secretan leads us on, I am confident that you will emerge a better leader, better family member, better friend and, most importantly, a better person.
    Rich Cohan FACHE, CHC, CCEP,
    System Director Integrity & Compliance
    and Chief Privacy Officer,
    Large Integrated Healthcare System
  • This book is an evolution of all Secretan’s works. I especially loved the chapter on effectiveness as it is so rare that spiritual matters are grouped together with effectiveness or vice versa. It was refreshing.
    Rick H. B. Mavrovich
  • As someone who has read many of Lance Secretan’s books it was nice to see how the author truly reoriented the concepts and theories into something bold and new. I found the stories and examples in The Spark, The Flame, and Torch to be engaging and the explanation of Values-centered Leadership is genius. Passing the torch will be the most important part of this inspiration process and there is no better way to guide this process than through Secretan’s Vector model. It is a wonderful time to be introducing “inspiration” as our nation and the world needs this message now more than ever.
    Ken Byler,
    Principal/Senior Consultant,
    Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC
  • The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch is a wonderful summary of the amazing work done over the years through the support, talent and passion of Lance and the Secretan team. The stories of inspiration, courage and love really enrich the reading experience, and the real life examples of the difference this work has made in the lives of individuals and organizations is powerful, expansive and exciting.
    Erika Caspersen,
    Innovative Wellness Solutions
  • The latest book from Lance Secretan, "The Spark, The Flame and The Torch" is a welcome addition to his collection of leadership books giving 12 reflections that will help you to discover yourself even more and also give you the ability to inspire and lead others. There are plenty of illustrations, examples and exercises to make the reader undertake a wonderful journey to see the inspirational void and what needs to be pursued. You know what I recommend: Forget everything you've learnt about leadership and start anew with the concepts presented by Lance Secretan.
    Nerio Vakil,
    Total Business Solutions
  • I absolutely love The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch!
    Keith Clark,
    Director of Finance, Administration & Communication,
    Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ
  • The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch is fantastic! I have enjoyed Secretan's teachings so much over the years, and just want to thank you for your special guidance.
    Wayne Madden,
    Hillsdale Estates Environmental Services
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Inspire and was moved by it. I am happy to say that The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch is another Secretan title that I already have and will continue to recommend to others. Although this is an excellent compilation of all Lance’s work, it also lays an excellent foundation for a new reader of his work. The examples and explanations are truly inspiring.
    Amelia Phillips,
    Division Chair,
    Pure & Applied Science Seattle WA
  • Lance Secretan’s latest book, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch: Inspire Self. Inspire Others. Inspire the World is FABULOUS!
    Vicky Desmarais,
    Culture Facilitator
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