Dr. Lance Secretan and his award-winning team have been at the cutting edge of thought leadership for 40 years, helping organizations to reinvent themselves, by inspiring their employees and customers. Eighty Certified Secretan consultants and coaches work globally with clients who have one simple objective: to be the best in the world.


  • Practical, not theoretical: As CEO, Dr. Lance Secretan built a Fortune 100 company from scratch to 72,000 full and part-time employees.
  • Successful: Thirty of Fortune’s 100 Best Managed companies are Secretan clients.
  • Expertise: Secretan literally wrote the book on Inspirational Leadership®
  • Simple: (but not necessarily easy!), accessible, straightforward and immediately implementable
  • Original: no rehashing or reworking of outdated material—just original, experience- and evidence-based, ideas you can use NOW.


The Bellwether Effect organizational culture—NOW.

This is our foundational material, acclaimed by many Fortune 50 leaders, based on the best-selling book, The Bellwether Effect which argues for a reset of corporate thinking, employee engagement, performance management, purpose clarification, compensation and rewards, motivation versus inspiration and communication style.

Coaching Certification the Game for Corporate and Individual Coaches

Over nine years, The Secretan Centre, in partnership with Coachville, has trained hundreds of corporate and independent coaches globally to grow their coaching philosophies and practices and achieve unrealized potential—both personally, and for their clients. Drawing from twenty-two books and deep experience, together with the wisdom contained within each cohort, participants learn the art of inspiring their clients to high performance and a fulfilled life.

Spirit@Work® learning

Something you have never seen before: a combination of multimedia and peer-sharing, using each participant’s mobile device, to teach each other how to be inspiring leaders. The Secretan team facilitates the learning and the conversation, but participants select the subject, using their mobile devices. (Apple and Android).

Keynote Speeches riveting!

Lance secretan is famous for his creative and engaging presentation style. Like all rockstar keynote presenters these days, he is delivering his keynotes virtually. Everything that made audiences vote him among the top five leadership speakers in the world is poured into his virtual presentations. See more details here.