The Wisdom Circle with Dr. Lance Secretan

An annual Membership Group for Thoughtful People

  • Are you ready to join a group of thoughtful people who seek to make an even bigger impact in the world through sharing ideas and wisdom together? If so, this is your tribe!
  • Are you feeling the need for a “safe” space where you can be inspired and grow by connecting with like-minded colleagues, discuss bold ideas, apply breakthrough thinking and life strategies and reenergize your personal and professional life?
  • Are you a “learner” more than a “knower”?
  • Are you feeling called to champion a new paradigm of possibility—in your organization and in your life generally?

How it works:

The Wisdom Circle is for forward thinkers who wish to grow, learn, network and become more inspired. You will be joining a group that cocreates the most valuable and inspiring time in your professional and personal life. Members meet monthly on Zoom for two hours each month for a year. We share our challenges, dreams, successes and concerns together. We use the mobile Spirit@Work® app (available from the Apple or Android stores) to jump-start the conversations (see QR codes).

 Lance Secretan facilitates the dialogue. He is the world’s foremost authority on Inspirational Leadership® and he uses these gifts to guide the conversation. The greatest gift though, is the brilliance and wisdom of the group – that’s why we call it, “The Wisdom Circle”. Lance shares small bites of valuable wisdom that deepen the conversation. He skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each member.  A spirited discussion ensues and learning deepens. The result is a unique mixture of dialogue, sharing, community and group coaching. It is a one-of-a-kind, participant-inspired experience, engaging all the senses, through an unparalleled experience of personal growth, learning and inspiration.

 This is not an investment – it is a gift!

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You don´t want to miss these sessions. Amazing experience. The best combination of collective wisdom, practical information and inspiration. With the unique magical touch of Lance Secretan.

Victor Heredia

Tulum, Mexico



Subscription – $5,999 per year