Youth Programs

Some of the challenges we face in boardrooms (and bedrooms) originate in classrooms. Dysfunctional behavior is learned early in life.  But it doesn’t have to be that way – we can just as well help young people to become fully functioning, high performing, and inspirational human beings early in life too. We have experienced remarkable success in changing outcomes this way.  For example, the 13th largest high school district in America was ranked 800th in the nation. After two years, working with our proprietary Higher Ground Leadership® philosophy, they became the #1 high school district in America (US News and World Reports annual survey) and won the $1 million Broad Foundation prize. We believe inspiration, leadership and building a strong philosophy toward life should start early.  Through decades of research and work with thousands of leaders, we know that many of the pitfalls and challenges faced in adulthood are seeded in childhood. We have also published a book for children teaching young people to see the disadvantages of bullying: The Cardinal of Marmaduke Abbey.

The Secretan Center is committed to supporting youth and we are supporting the creation of a new initiative called “Perspectives in Youth”, to inspire youth and improve their mental health through on on-line youth education, curriculum development and peer-based learning.  For more information, on this exciting initiative, please contact us at