Likability Audit

Forty percent of employees leave their companies because they can’t get along with their “boss”. In other words, their leaders are not inspiring, and the followers don’t like them. Given the current defection rate of employees from corporations (40% of employees are thinking of quitting) and the difficulty employers are experiencing in recruiting talent, it might be wise for leaders to consider working on their “likability”. Research shows that corporations, and their leaders, who are likable, achieve higher performance on every metric. Our ability to make high quality decisions is critical to success in every domain of our lives; but perhaps just as important, are the decisions others make about us. In other words, do they like you enough as a person to engage with you and your decision?

How is your likability? Take this short survey to find out.

When we first introduced the free Likability Audit (to help you self-assess your own likability) it immediately garnered significant interest and acclaim.  Users thought it would be even more useful if it contained a 360 Feedback feature, so we have added one. If you would like to invite your colleagues to safely provide anonymous feedback on how they see your likeability, you can obtain the extra feature here: