The Way of the Tiger: Gentle Wisdom for Turbulent Times



This best-selling classic has been translated into 10 languages and praised by Edward de Bono and corporate leaders everywhere as a handbook for work and life. Written as a fable, it is a life manual for individuals and a guide used by leaders in thousands of organizations worldwide to reshape values and culture.

Joao Jose de Vasconcellos Jr, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wrote this review for

I read this book for the first time in the Portuguese version by the 70's and many other times during the last 25 years. It has really influenced my whole life. Thanks Secretan.

Dr. Lance Secretan created a fable for working and living with value and meaning well beyond the workplace. Its hero is a wise and challenging ghost tiger named Moose. Through his brilliant storytelling, Lance raises the business of managing and leading in work and life to a personal art.

First published in 1989, and since reprinted nine times and translated into many languages, this is the book that birthed the renowned idea of Values-centered Leadership‘ which has since become a legendary practice within organizations worldwide.

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