A/V Requirements

Dr. Lance Secretan’s multi-media presentations are best experienced with the highest quality projection equipment.


  • Screen and stage area gently illuminated. Audience area darkened.
  • No direct lighting on the screen.
  • Pitcher of ice water and glasses for Lance Secretan.

Equipment and Materials:

  • High resolution Digital Projector, with video cabling to the podium for a laptop PC.
  • Rear Projection whenever possible.
  • Projection Screen minimum of 9 ½ x 10 or 10 × 14
  • If front projection, a small equipment table is required on which to place the laptop computer (Note: Lance Secretan will bring his own computer and will need it to be within 40 feet of him so that he can use his own remote changer to control his multi-media presentation).
  • High quality speakers to receive stereo sound via the computer’s Mini-Jack output to the House Sound System speakers.
  • Lavaliere cordless microphone, UHF broadcast quality.
  • Please send Corporate Logo (or special event logo) to be used in presentation by Lance Secretan to us at info@secretan.com
    Sound and equipment check required the evening before his presentation. Please contact us at info@secretan.com or call at 519-217-6789 to make those arrangements. (A/V houses are welcome).