Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul




Audio 2 CD set, Introduction by Marianne Williamson

Dr. Lance Secretan has a radical idea: that people are yearning for spirit and values at work and that the principal role of leaders is to build great organizations by meeting that need. In Reclaiming Higher Ground he describes a model used by visionary leaders who are creating the inspired organization of the future. from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, wrote this review for

Lance Secretan hits home with a well-timed and easily understood description of the lack of morality and spirituality present in business today. He also does an excellent job of showing us what is working in business today, and although rare, examples of daring business leaders that have envisioned a business capable of operating on higher ground, and capturing the elusive human spirit as a core competency in a world too frequently dominated by technology, and lawyers. Lance shows us ways to reclaim our own personal spirituality, and how to transmit it throughout our organizations to recapture fun, passion, excitement and creativity. A quick read, but with a message that will be touted more and more as the average Joe searches for meaning in his life and his work.

For fifteen years we have been urging employees to provide greater quality and service while we have been downsizing, restructuring and re-engineering them. The result has been a productivity-fueled boom for corporate North America. But now we have hit a wall. There is little room left to continue doing more with less and employees are reassessing their contract with life and work. So what’s next?

Employees yearn to contribute more to the success of their organizations and society but we remain a long way from fully understanding and tapping this potential. The future belongs to visionaries who create organizations that inspire the soul by honoring and celebrating people, while providing the same quality and service to employees that we have learned to provide to customers.

Dr. Lance Secretan, has a reality-tested vision of how to transform organizations. He will show you how to build what he has termed a Sanctuary based on restoring spirit and values at work, asking questions instead of always having ready answers and recognizing that the personality has limits and that inspirational leaders connect with the Soul:

Lance Secretan will stir your heart like never before as he shows you how to:Inspire others with breakthrough ideas that go beyond conventional management theory

  • Move people far more deeply than we tend to in modern organizations
  • Restore and build individual self-esteem and passion
  • Introduce insights that can be translated and applied in a practical way, inspiring people to unusual heights

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