The CASTLE® Survey.



The CASTLE® Survey is the result of 35 years of applied research among the Secretan Center's global clients (including 30 of Fortune's Most Admired Companies, and 13 of Fortune's Best Companies to Work for in America).

There are many Employee Satisfaction, Corporate Scorecard and Culture Climate surveys. This cutting-edge instrument is available for organizations who seek to raise the level of passion and inspiration in their organizations—the key to creating the best workplaces in the world.

The key measures are Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. Know where an organization, its leaders and employees stand on each of these metrics, is the key to achieving greatness—the “Flame” in The Spark, the Flame and the Torch. This is the instrument, and the accompanying philosophy, that has helped to change lives and organizations.

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