The Keys to the CASTLE®




Audio CD, Introduction by Joe Calvaruso, CEO, Mount Carmel Health System

CASTLE® is an acronym that describes six very obvious concepts, which are at the core of Dr. Lance Secretan’s principles of Higher Ground Leadership and when fully lived, inspire followers to give their very best. These are concepts that are within us already, but yearn to be recalled. It is through the CASTLE principles that we guide the contribution of brilliance from followers.
In The Keys to the Castle you will learn how the Higher Ground Leader is guided in life, not just work, by these six principles:

1. Courage – nothing happens until we become brave enough to reach outside our existing paradigms. When we are gripped by fear we become ineffective and our performance is diminished – at work and at home. It all starts here: to leave our old story paradigm and strike out on the journey towards Higher Ground Leadership requires great courage, but courage overcomes fear and provides new, bold lenses with which to see life at home and at work;

1. A Commitment to Authenticity – showing up and being present in all aspects of life, removing the mask and becoming a real, vulnerable and intimate human being, a leader who is genuine and emotionally and spiritually connected to the follower;

3. A desire to Serve – departing from an old story, self-focused, fear-based mode, and instead focusing on the needs of the followers by listening to them, identifying their needs and then meeting them – and thus inspiring them;

4. A passion for and commitment to the Truth – the refusal to compromise integrity or to deny universal truths – even though in these testing times, avoiding the truth might, on the face of it, seem easier;

5. The capacity to Love – the source of a Higher Ground Leader’s ability to inspire others, and the spiritual and psychological antidote to fear, stress and anger, which, when freely given results in leaders who are,

6. Being Effective in all aspects of life.

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