Be Grateful. Stop Complaining! Be Inspiring!

by Mar 20, 20233 comments

For all the people who love to multitask – it’s an illusion. Fortunately for humans, we can only do one thing at a time, even though we mistakenly believe we can competently do multiple tasks at once. For example, try dancing and typing an email at the same time. Or try complaining to, and inspiring someone, at the same time – impossible, isn’t it?

When we complain, we are not inspiring for others, or even ourselves. Complaining is usually negative as well as depressing for others. So, it has an all-round negative impact on ourselves and those with whom we interact.

Recently, I heard someone from San Diego complaining about the rains in California.  For several years now, Californians have been complaining about the lack of rain.  We never seem to be able to simply be grateful and stop complaining, do we? Our favorite pastimes are complaining about the weather, politics, economics and the fortunes of sports teams. But when you complain (some would call it whining) you can be experienced by others as uninspiring.

None of us deliberately seeks to create negative relationships, but we do so unknowingly all the time.

Try “complaint fasting” for the rest of this months and see how it affects you, and others.  You may find this is such a wonderful tonic in your life that you will stop complaining from now on!  Others will love you for it!