Cheer up!

by Jul 29, 20202 comments

It seems that we can’t open our news feeds these days without reading another depressing headline. So, here is my antidote for you today:



First, Visit and make a commitment to being your best, inspiring self today, and just as important, a commitment to inspire someone else today—and then, do it. You will feel an immediate sense of gratitude, happiness and service. In other words, the act of inspiring others will inspire you.

Second, Download the free spirit at work app from the Google store or the Apple Store. Shake your phone and choose a card to inspire you, and then share it with your friends and others via email and your social media feeds.

Third, Each week I host a 45-minute conversation with a growing community who join me in sharing stories, inspiring each other and making the world a better place. A weekly tonic! You can learn more here:

Depressing headlines will feel irrelevant. Try it!