Creating a More Inspired World

by Jan 14, 20224 comments

As many of you know, we launched a new movement, “To Create a More Inspired World“, last year. The reason for this initiative is well captured in this essay by David Brooks in the New York Times. Our aim is to reverse the dystopian perspective that is understandably held by so many people and institutions these days. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Exhibit A, for example, is The Great Resignation, in which around 4 million employees have been quitting monthly. The cause for this seems to be a mystery for many leaders who have resorted to incentives and pay increases to “bribe” employees in the hope this will solve the problem.  But this IS the problem—and more money is not the solution. People are leaving their jobs because they are fed up with toxic work cultures, uninspired, tired of bureaucracy, don’t like, or respect, their leaders, and have tasted the freedom of autonomy. Additionally, their homes are far more attractive environments in which to work than their former work environments. The real solution is to create inspiring workplaces that provide meaning and fulfillment—both of which are in short supply in many modern organizations.

In David Brooks’ article referenced above, he lists a litany of ailments afflicting society—all of which stem from a basic human deficiency—a lack of inspiration.  So, this is what we are committed to changing—by helping to create more inspired workplaces, schools, families, churches, healthcare systems—in fact, an inspired world.

Please consider joining us—this may be the tribe you have been longing for. This could be the most inspiring step you will take in 2022.