Let’s Hold Hands!

by Dec 6, 20203 comments

Back in March of 2020, you and your friend set out on a long walking trek across the wilderness.  The trip is about 500 miles. It’s December now and you have reached the 300-mile mark. You find yourselves exhausted, frustrated, dejected, overwhelmed, stressed and fed up with the whole experience.  What do you do?

This is your Covid-19 journey and we all have choices. We can complain, defy, deny, vent, rant, whine, and proclaim our commitment to freedom of choice; OR, buckle up, play the hand we’ve been dealt, and inspire each other as we complete the rest of the journey.

Covid is. And we are adaptable.  We have every option available to us for dealing with this challenge, and the choices we make are entirely up to each one of us. We are at the 300-mile mark on this journey. What choice will you make?

This is not going to be a short experience.  Let’s be smart, let’s hold hands, and let’s get through this together with a smile. C’mon, we’ve come this far together—only 200 miles left to go!