Ask me a Question!

by May 4, 20210 comments

For many people, the world feels less inspiring these days, so we decided to start a new movement to change that. We are building a community.

As part of this ambitious initiative, I posted a comment on social media in which I said:

“Ask me a question about leadership.  I’ll answer with a video”.

Scores of replies flowed in.  This reminded us what a sore spot this is for so many people. So we created a new YouTube channel called, “Spirit of Leadership”.

Every Friday morning, I will answer a new and topical question.  What’s your question?

The success of a YouTube channel depends on algorithms which, in turn, depend on the number of subscribers and visitors, The likelihood of building a viral YouTube channel these days is almost beyond the average individual if you are not PewDiePie, Joe Biden, or Justin Bieber! So, I am asking for your help. Please visit this channel and if you love it, subscribe and then share it widely with your contacts. You may also submit your leadership questions. It would be a tremendous help and I would really appreciate your support.

If we truly want to change this world, and make it more inspiring, then we need to make, as John Lewis said, “good trouble”.  Let’s make “good trouble” on YouTube!