Reawakening the Human Spirit

by Jul 18, 20220 comments

Over the last three years, I have noticed a precipitous decline in the level of personal inspiration among those with whom I work or socialize. Many people have lost their inspiration altogether, replacing it with an unhealthy sense of helplessness. Pandemics, corporate incompetence and malfeasance, recessions, terrorism, wars, mass shootings, polarized politics, inflation, job loss, declining mental health, climate change, opioid and drug crises, corruption, fake news, and more, have drained inspiration from people’s lives. And it has obscured people’s capacity to see the goodness in life and each other. But we do not need to feel this way. We may not be able to rearrange the world exactly as we would like it to be, but we can regain our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much that seems broken. When Prince Harry addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18, 2022, He said, “Here was … a man who had endured the very worst of humanity, vicious racism, and state-sponsored brutality. A man who had lost 27 years with his children and family that he would never get back. Yet, in that photo [a photo that stands “on my wall” and “in my heart” of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, meeting Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa] and so many others, he is still beaming. Still able to see the goodness in humanity. Still buoyant with a beautiful spirit that lifted everyone around him. Not because he was blind to the ugliness, the injustices of the world … but because he knew we could overcome them.” I have stood in Nelson Mandela’s 10 X 10 cell on Robben Island and marveled, “How does a man endure such hardship and abuse, and yet see the goodness in humanity at the same time?” Perhaps you have wondered, as I do, “What would it be like to reclaim our lost inspiration, even in the face of so much global disarray, and be free from disillusionment, despair, withdrawal and cynicism? What could each of us do to find this kind of inner peace and inspiration?” So, I have written a book, to be published later in 2022, tentatively called, Reawakening the Human Spirit (alternative suggestions welcome!) which offers a simple, profoundly intuitive and personal guide for answering these questions. Whether this is your first exploration of your inner journey, or you’ve devoted your life to becoming more conscious, my hope is that this book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Having spent my life coaching individuals and advising corporations about how to reclaim lost inspiration and become an inspiration for others, this new work broadens the discussion to include the “whole human”, and I have poured everything I have learned into Reawakening the Human Spirit. The result, I hope, will be a life-hack for the spirit, a journey to reclaim our lost inspiration—in all aspects of our lives. Readers will gain radical insights and learn entirely different ways to understand and experience stress, inclusion, non-violent language at work and personal life, inspirational leadership, the difference between inspiration and motivation, the “social self” and the “essential self”, spirituality, deep learning, the psychology of needs and desires, life’s purpose and meaning, and everything else we need to learn if we wish to reboot inspiration in our lives again. If you would like to be notified of publication, just send a note PS. Thank you for the great image Jamie!