A Very Special Offer

by Feb 27, 20210 comments

One of the regular participants in our weekly Inspiration in the Cloud Zoom sessions (www.secretan.com/inspiration-cloud), and my good friend, Stephan Hein from London, UK, is offering a very special gift to us – he will present a Yoga Nidra session for us on March 11. Participation is by donation and you can register here – just click on the March 11, 2021 1100 EST event.

The Higher Ground Community® is about inspiration and well-being and as part of our ongoing efforts to explore ways to raise the levels of both, we are offering this online session provided by Stephan Hein who is a member of London’s College of Medicine and Integrated Health.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient mindfulness practice from India that translates as “yogic sleep”.

It induces a state of deep rest for the physical body and conscious mind, whilst connecting to heightened states of awareness on deeper layers of consciousness.

The practice helps to unwind and restore our well-being in body and mind in energizing and replenishing ways. It endows us with inspiration and a sense of self-empowerment that allows us to tackle the challenges of Life in more creative and meaningful ways.

Connection to our inner source may also result in deeper social connection to others, including in current times of physical distancing.

Yoga Nidra is usually done lying down or sitting up comfortably, after warming the body with gentle Yoga stretches and breathing exercises. No prior knowledge of Yoga is needed in order to participate, just openness for a new experience. Everyone is guided to the empowering realization that healing is never more than a thought away.

Stephan Hein is a holistic health & well-being practitioner in London who is passionate about the healing arts for personal transformation and creative growth. For this he draws on different modalities, including complementary therapies, therapeutic Yoga, transformational life coaching and the creative arts. With this diverse training portfolio he utilizes what he has learned from his own journey of healing, pioneering an integrated well-being model he calls “The medicine of creative consciousness”.

It is an innovative project that speaks to body, mind and soul alike, offering inspiring tools that can teach us how to use our human faculties of awareness and consciousness more intentionally for deep and transformational self-healing, creative self-mastery and the healing of community.

Please join us for this unique event.