The Most Important Question to Ask Ourselves

by Oct 7, 20210 comments

As we learn to navigate a hybrid world of work (for many, but not all), we have become preoccupied with issues such as technology, burnout, engagement, collaboration, recruitment, the pandemic, mental health, stress, how to motivate employees and many other legitimate, but short-range matters.

According to a recent report from McKinsey and Company, “Nearly two-thirds of US-based employees we surveyed said that COVID-19 has caused them to reflect on their purpose in life. And nearly half said that they are reconsidering the kind of work they do because of the pandemic. Millennials were three times more likely than others to say that they were reevaluating work.”

There is one question every one of us needs to satisfactorily answer, which takes priority over all the others, and which, if answered positively, might answer all the others anyway.  It is this:

Does your work

Is it possible that many of the worries and challenges that preoccupy us could be resolved if we were able to answer this question with a resounding “YES“?

So I ask you today, “Does your work make the world a better place?”  How do you answer? (This excellent article has many helpful tips). Please share your thoughts………..